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A1. Patawawa - Wires (Hot Toddy Disco Dub)
A2. Patawawa - Wires (Hot Toddy Deeper Dub)

B1. Patawawa - Wires

Hot Toddy is a name that is synonymous with quality in the UK disco, house and dance scenes. One of the founding members of Crazy P, both his work with that project and his releases under his solo moniker have never been short of excellent. There is no denying his pedigree in the genre and has once again assembled two absolute fire-starting reworks.

Maintaining the catchiness and instant glittery likability of the Patawawa original, his mixes instead focus firmly on the club dancefloor with the Hot Toddy Disco Dub clocking in at eight minutes and boasting more grooves than your local car-tyre dealership. It’s still a bass led fiesta with Disco vibes aplenty for your dancing pleasure. And for those that like their mixes a bit deeper fear not! There’s the self-explanatory - Hot Toddy Deeper Dub which is everything you’d want and more all neatly packaged in a Dub mix.

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