No Time


Deluxe 12" Vinyl EP


A1. Marcel Vogel & LYMA - Free Time
Marcel Vogel & LYMA - Easy

Marcel Vogel & LYMA - Broken Wings
Marcel Vogel & LYMA - Flame On
Marcel Vogel & LYMA - You're A Star

Also find this record as part of an EP bundle, including the group's other EP, Games Change

The bright new duo, Marcel Vogel & LYMA, triumphantly returns to Boogie Angst with their sizzling new EP offering, No Time.

Following the recent release of their lead single, Free Time, we’re proud to introduce four new, unique tracks to their burgeoning collection of juicy tunes.

Funkiness and abstraction take center stage on this EP. Opening up with the previously released Free Time, featuring filtered vocals and an unconventional structure that blends rich synths with dusty analog stabs and 1990s rave plucks.

The tempo slows down on Easy, a gorgeous song that sounds like a lost Sade demo, featuring subtle beatbox textures, tiny synth plucks, all ending up in a delightful culmination of delayed textures.

Broken Wings begins with a captivating vocal performance, leading to a sturdy Roland bass drum, sustained chords, and resonant arp sequences, with hints of Freestyle.

Flame On creates an almost tropical atmosphere with looping, scattered vocals and an abundance of cowbells. All before the EP closer, You're A Star, rounds things off with clunky basslines, a steady groove and hypnotic pitched vocals.

No Time follows the duo’s debut Boogie Angst EP, Games Change, and is a powerful step forward in their young, yet promising catalogue.

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