Music Ruined My Life


Deluxe 12" Vinyl LP

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A1. Moods - Deeper Waters
A2. Moods - Let It Slide
A3. Moods - The Necessary Change
A4. Moods - Music Saved My Life

B1. Moods - Ecstasy
B2. Moods - Talk About It
B3. Moods - Push Pull
B4. Moods - Return To 4ever

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Boogie Angst proudly presents Music Ruined My Life, the brand new instrumental LP from Rotterdam-based artist and producer Moods.

Dropping in the wake of front runner singles Talk About It, and Music Saved My Life, the Dutchman’s notorious fusion of Soul, R&B, and alternative influences takes a whole new dynamic courtesy of his first fully live recorded offering.

Recorded live in the city of Leiden during the peak of the pandemic alongside a full band, the LP taps effortlessly into the balance of soulful and Jazz-inspired undertones that have hallmarked the project since breakthrough single Love Is Real. A tastemaker favorite and label staple, the LP shows a more intricate and uncaged spin on the Moods sound, which has been consistently hailed by tastemakers globally and sampled by the likes of Logic.

The supple guitar plucks and resonating brass of Deeper Water sets the LP in motion, building towards the funkier and perkier swells of album cuts such as Ecstacy and Push Pull. Capped by Return To 4ever, a sultry and deeply atmospheric fusion of Jazz and contemporary Soul sounds, the eight-track endeavour shows that for all his streaming and collaborative success, the rich musicianship of the Moods project has not wavered.

“There really wasn’t a huge concept or target for this record, it was more about tapping into the pure joy of making and creating music”, he explains. “The pandemic was such a weird time, there was a lot of uncertainty in all aspects of life. So it almost felt like the perfect time to try something new. Having the band together in one room was a real rush, I liked how the record came together and how each artist brought their own energy to the project."

“I enjoy working with vocals, and I think the vocalists I have worked with on projects so far have been amazing. But when you take that element out and focus more on the instrumentation and arrangement, it’s a really different experience, and that’s something I really enjoyed for Music Ruined My Life.

Moods garnered more than 30m+ streams globally for debut LP Zoom Out, and has continued to leap from strength-to-strength courtesy of his soulful take on the boundaries between Electronic and contemporary R&B.

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