Games Change


Deluxe 12" Vinyl EP


A1. Marcel Vogel & LYMA - Head Back in the Game
Marcel Vogel & LYMA - Keep on Stepping (Extended)

Marcel Vogel & LYMA - Funk Money
Marcel Vogel & LYMA - Cruisin'
Marcel Vogel & LYMA - Pop My Cherry 

Also find this record as part of an EP bundle, including the group's other EP, No Time

Boogie Angst is proud to present the first EP by newly found duo Marcel Vogel & LYMA. 

Games Change is a collection of songs written about the wonders of childbirth, and how this can affect the relationship that made the child happen in the first place. Drenched in a healthy serving of Soul and Funk, Games Change is the groovy parent’s anthem, and perhaps a roadmap for those about to become one. Sometimes the themes are wrapped in innuendo, but often times they pronounce it blatantly in-your-face. 

DJ’ing across the globe, remixing the likes of Hot Chip, Phenomenal Handclap Band and Flamingo Pier, or A&R’ing releases on his own record label Lumberjacks In Hell, Marcel Vogel is the good vibe guru. Fueled by the dance floor connection, Marcel offers up an eclectic blend of Disco, Soul, House and Gospel. Amsterdam-based LYMA is an RnB and Soul powerhouse. Also, part of the LIKEMINDS ensemble, LYMA skirts the genre borders with his eclectic mix of moveable goodness.

The EP opener Funk Money launches the manifesto with an expensive, forward-moving groove. Exuberant synth stabs bounce off highly static Electro-like leads—moving it into prime-time, drive-time radio territory. After opening up in exceptional fashion, we find the sexual breakout single Head Back In The Game. An enticing mid-tempo’d bounce lures us in, right before a vocal delivery reminiscent of a plethora of 70s Soul crooners seals the deal. Syrupy chordal movements guide us through several swanky passages describing the willingness of sexual resurgence and a desire for a sexual return to form, so to say. 

Next we find the previously released Keep On Stepping. On this, a luxuriously syncopated and heavily saturated bass line lays underneath a washed out vocal cut. After which, a guitar riff reminiscent of early Prince makes friends with a rather ambiguous synth stab. All whilst the hypnotic analog hi-hat pattern fills in the blanks. The second part of the song introduces some interesting Acid House inspired elements, but firmly planting them in their own world. On Cruisin’ we find a hypnotic, almost sample-esque motif, over which the tasteful Acid House reference rears its head again. Round, but sharp in message, Cruisin’ is a metaphor for taking the best feeling directions in life. Pop My Cherry drops all the innuendo and gets straight to the point; sexual prowess front and center. The Teddy Rileyesque closing tune is a perfect summary of the EPs mission statement, in that the duo holds no holes barred. 

Overall, Games Change is ferociously lustful, sexually charged and smooth-as-butter. It just knows how to twist, bop, wine and dine us into loving Marcel Vogel & LYMA even more—even though they didn’t get much sleep last night. 


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