Fault Line


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A1. Meeka Kates – Weight
A2. Meeka Kates – Caught Up

B1. Meeka Kates – Fault Line
B2. Meeka Kates – Fault Line (Ambassadeurs Remix)

Weight opens up the EP with ambient synth chords before Kates comes in with a typically soulful refrain leading into the main beat and memorable vocal hook. Straddling Chillout and Dance in a fashion that is equally as accessible as it is cool, it’s a piece of mid-tempo beauty that is a brilliant scene-setter for the tone of the record.

Jilted synth arpeggios dancing over a steady bottom end to get Caught Up going. Flitting between moments of minimal instrumentation and a heavy rhythmic groove it’s built on a melody and chord sequence that will have you clicking your fingers and bouncing around. In addition to these obvious focus points there’s hidden treasures with subtle Jazz guitar and intriguing instrumentation changes throughout that really bring the track to life.

"Get lost in all that picture and sound", is the opening gambit over a low level sample of ambient background mutter as title track Fault Line brings a more Dance influenced vibe to the EP. It really showcases his vocal harmonies as a sea of reverbed melodies intertwine wonderfully into your ears. Understated and yet striking this is a piece as powerful as its namesake and is one of Kates’ strongest to date.

A highly sought after producer and remixer in the Electronica and Dance scene - Ambassadeurs steps up to deliver an ethereal mix of the title track that brings a new energy in its broken beat wake. Shimmering production and electronic flourishes adorn this charming rework which complements the rest of the release well and is sure to be a hit with dance-heads across the world.

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